The TV version of Game of Thrones has gone ahead of the book version and the results are something of a mixed bag. However, we enjoyed the show but there some glitches that could have made better for the story.

Dorne is wiped-off

For instance, the southern kingdom of Dorne played an important role in the books, but in Season 5, it was mangled badly. Instead of fixing their mistakes in Season 6, they killed off Prince Doran.

Jon Snow’s return

Jon Snow was brought from the dead by the Red Woman, Melisandre. Rather gaining new confidence or showing any major change, Jon has turned out to be more meek and indecisive.

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Daenerys is a “Mary Sue”

Daenerys is portrayed as Mary Sue-typically a fictional character capable of doing anything- was captured by Dothraki only to get her a new army of Dothraki. She killed off single-handedly of their chieftains, notes Forbes.

The Iron Islands Problem

Another interesting character-Yara and Theon Greyjoy- unlike in the books have just been left powerless and introducing a new villain named Euron.

Everything East of Westeros

Arya’s story has become little boring until last week’s episode. While Tyrion and Varys stuck in Meeren. To note that both the Braavos and Meereen stories have gone nowhere in a hurry, and it seems Tyrion has been wasted as a diplomat-in-chief, however, his scene with the dragons was interesting.

Melisandre’s revelation

In the first episode of Game of Thrones Season 6, it was shown that the Red Woman as old. It showed that the Ruby necklace gives her power to stay young. However, in season 4, Melisandre was shown taking a bath in the tub, putting her gleaming body on display without that necklace while talking to Selyse. Vanity Fair cites that as show error.

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Nevertheless, wicked High Sparrow, the return of the Hound, and revelation about Hodor and Bran’s visions were quite interesting.