Game of Thrones is known for its numerous characters plot lines, alliances and events. It has edge-of-the-seat scenes and drama that unfolds like the season of your favourite sport. In fact, it is possible to turn your favorite show into a football-like draft. Here’s how.

The idea of creating the show into a sport was whipped up by Andrew Nielsen at The Nerdist. You can create a fantasy league, where you and your friends can draft characters to your team and those characters will get points as per what they do in the show.

Each character in your team will get points based on events that affect their characters like, murder, torture, death, manipulation and even sex. By the end of the season, whoever receives most points would win. Points can be noted on a paper or in a spreadsheet, or however else you like.

However, The Verge intends to make thing easier for you. Similar to the said system, the publication has put together an online fantasy draft. It has also come up with fantasy drafting website named Fantasizr, which would allow you to turn anything into a fantasy draft.

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If you decide to make your own point system you won’t require The Verge’s draft, but just to simplify things it would be better to use the website. You would have to sign up for a free account, gather your friends and draft up characters before Sunday night’s season six premiere. The rest will be done by the Fantasizr, you don’t need to worry about.

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Andrew Beveridge and Jie Shan’s “Network of Thrones” offers you data regarding the show’s major players and also details about the connections with one another. You can also visit A Song of Ice and Data to know more about it. In would provide you insight about things like “who is most likely to die next” and “popularity”. Moreover, it also shows maps and statistics facilitating you to get educated before you pick a character during your draft.