The tension in Game of Silence is quickly escalating, and loyal fans have to make sure they don’t miss the season 1 finale.

Fortunately, they can watch online through Hulu, which is offering six episodes for free during the trial period.

Fans can also watch on the NBC website and follow the five best friends as they seek to find out the truth.

According to David Hudgins, showrunner of Game of Silence, there would be some “shocking twists” and “incredibly shocking reveals” in the season 1 finale that will surely satiate the appetite of the fans who have been following the series.

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In the Game of Silence season 1 finale, people can expect some cliffhangers which will pave the way for the sophomore season. He told TV Insider, “Act 5 of the finale just sort of reorients the show in such a shocking way that I really think and hope people are going to watch it and go, ‘Oh my God, I did not see that coming. So this is where this is going.'”

Game of Silence season 1 is about five close friends who are confronted with a past dark secret that happened 25 years ago. The story revolves around Jackson Brooks, played by David Lyons, who see the life he’s made for himself come crumbling down when his friends returned.

The five friends had spent nine months at a juvenile facility after helping out their friend from an abusive mother. Those nine months spent in jail changed them forever, but nothing is as it seems in the surface.

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“The brotherhood must now band together to right the wrongs of their shared past – a journey that will push the limits of their loyalty and ignite in them an unquenchable thirst for revenge,” the synopsis said.

Aside from NBC and Hulu, fans can also watch the Game of Silence episode 1 finale on Yidio and also at Side Reel. The series airs on NBC.