“Gambit”, the movie, will start filming in New Orleans in the spring of 2016. Fans are disheartened as the movie will not make its October premiere date. However, it looks like the movie will not be hitting the theatres before 2017. There has been no announcement regarding the official release date.

“The X-Men” spin-off, which was supposed to start filming earlier, with Channing Tatum in the cast, was delayed after going through a change in director.

The directorial position is now being carried by Doug Liman, while producer Simon Kinberg is supervising script revisions with Tatum, Tatum’s producing partner Reid Carolin, and screenwriter Joshua Zetumer.

“Gambit” will start production this March in New Orleans, where the mutant “Remy Etienne LeBeau” was born in the “Marvel Comics.”

According to Youth Health Magazine, the film adaptation of “Gambit” will be an extension of the world of “The X-Men.” The whole casting news is still not available, except the only two characters that has been already cast at this point – Channing Tatum and Lea Seydoux.

There is some assumption that the movie will be discovering the complex relationship between “Remy” and “Belladonna,” who are both highly-skilled individuals and belong to a league of master thieves and deadly assassins, respectively, says CDA News.

Kinberg referred to the film as a “sexy PG-13 heist film.”

“Channing is a big fan of the comic,” Kinberg says, “so the accent, the attitude, the costume in many way, will be in the film. And he’s a character with a complex backstory – we’re playing him as a thief in the film, and that’s a big part of the story.”

According to Comic Book, the latest solo comic on “Gambit” can provide inspiration for the movie as the movie is following a heist genre. The comic book series is written by James Asmus and it is structurally a mutant version of “The Thomas Crown Affair.”