If you’re looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 US release date, there’s something important you should know. Recent reports suggest that the new offer from the tech giant could have some hidden danger issues. Could this mean a delayed release date for Americans?

A cancellation of release is too drastic. However, the danger posed is pretty serious. Namely, the phone is prone to explosive hazards.

Kotaku Australia relays details on the matter. The source first lays out that the Galaxy Note 7 already shipped to the country as early as August 19. While no Australian explosive case happened yet, Kotaku AU mentioned cases in South Korea. Aside from Australia, South Koreans also got hold of the device early.

The source cites two separate incidents that appeared on the Android Community website as well as South Korean social media.

The first incident involved the gadget exploding during charging time. Android Community shared photos of the explosion’s aftermath. The photos showed how the phones were completely destroyed from the incident. Android Community reported that the owner of the phone already reported the incident to Samsung.

The company then investigated the incident, though no results were released yet.

The second incident is also from South Korea. According to Kotaku, the same thing happened. The Galaxy Note 7 exploded while charging.

Galaxy Note 7 US release

These incidents affected the shipment of the device to remaining countries where it isn’t out yet.

There’s no cancellation to the US release date of the device. However, according to Kotaku Australia, Samsung delayed its release. The purpose for the delay is to give way for the company’s additional tests on product quality.

Hopefully for Samsung fans’ case, these tests won’t take long. There’s still also the possibility that the two incidents are isolated. Still, safety is of utmost importance.

Check back with us for more news on the Galaxy Note 7 US release date and other details.