Months of rumors for the Galaxy Note 7 placed the inclusion of an iris scanner center stage. However, based on a recent leak, Samsung fans waiting for the device may be disappointed with what this function has to offer.

Android Authority relays the recent leak. However, based on the information shared by the website, it appears that the function seems to be more problematic than it is exciting.

The website notes that the leak shows many aspects of the iris scanner which makes it a nuisance instead of a helpful function.

Galaxy Note 7 leak: What’s in it?

A notable thing revealed in the new leak is the list of things that would render the scanner futile. It’s a pretty long list, which connotes that without consistency, the iris scanner is mostly useless. We relay below the situations when the iris scanner won’t work properly, via Android Authority.

  • Wearing glasses, sunglasses, color contact lenses, or circular contact lenses
  • Irises hidden by narrowed or puffy eyes / dirt on glasses
  • Device shaken or tilted too much
  • Device is lower than the user’s face
  • Iris recognition camera and LED is covered with screen protector, ink, or paint
  • When user have undergone eye surgery, implant or iris scar treatment
  • Scanning takes places in high sunlight, no light or low-light conditions
  • Area around iris recognition camera and LED is exposed to elements
  • Light is reflects on user’s eyes or glasses
  • Current scanning conditions differ from conditions on iris registration
  • Cloudy cornea/ disease effecting irises

Judging by this long list, it seems that the iris scanner function is impractical and much of a hassle. At first glance, users may benefit more with other functions like finger print recognition or the like.

However, Android Authority details that the iris scanner works fine if parameters are met. Users waiting to get their hands on the Note 7 would have to find out for themselves whether the function is a thumbs up, or down.

What are your thoughts on the iris scanner for the Galaxy Note 7? Air them out in the comments below.