Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will likely be released earlier than expected. This is what industry analysts seem to suggest in recent interviews.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung might release the Galaxy Note 6 the same way they released S7 earlier. “We expect Samsung to release the Note 6 a month or two before the Apple iPhone 7 to…grab that window of opportunity,” research analyst Neil Mawston said. S7 was released in early March. And, according to Techno Buffalo, Samsung “nailed the timing” for the device’s launch. This latest Android smartphone came out before iPhone 7 was scheduled to launch. This, the tech blog pointed out, gave Samsung “plenty of time to soak up sales.” Will the smartphone giant try something similar with the release of Note 6?

Another Seoul-based analyst, Claire Kim, seems to agree with Mawston. “With the high-end smartphone market largely stagnated, the issue is no longer about what ‘Wow’ features the new phone has,” Kim told Bloomberg. “Rather, it’s about who can bring out the phone quicker.”

Meanwhile, the prices for Galaxy Note 5 was recently slashed by around $150 (AU$197) in Walmart. Does this indicate that the latest model, Note 6, is just right around the corner?  Nashville Chatter Class seems to think so. “Normally, such product promo campaigns show up when manufacturers and sellers are just about to come in with new devices,” Nashville Chatter Class said.

Samsung has not released the specs for the Galaxy Note 6. But Techno Buffalo said Note 6 will likely run the Android N software out of the box. It also might have a 12-megapixel rear camera, 5.8-inch Quad HD display 64GB/128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM. However, as the tech blog admits, these rumoured specs have not been confirmed.

Samsung has yet to confirm when the Galaxy Note 6 will go on sale. However, it is expected to be released sometime this summer.