Three months after the Gage Park Massacre, finally the mystery has been solved and Chicago police have confirmed that a relative and his girlfriend are the killers. Six members of the family were butchered by the killers.

Diego Uribe, 22, was among the people who seemed to be devastated by the Martinez family’s massacre. He was on the verge of breaking down at the funeral of the family members. He used to frequent the Martinez family home to hang out or play basketball with the kids. But that was just to hide his crime from the world and to everyone’s surprise, he was the person who along with his girlfriend cold-bloodedly butchered the entire family, including two kids. He was charged with first-degree murder after the discovery.

The investigators solved the mystery of the Gage Park Massacre on Wednesday when DNA evidence indicated Uribe’s involvement in the case.Uribe’s girlfriend is also charged with the murders, but police are not certain about her role in the criminal act, reported Chicago Tribune. Both  admitted to the murders.

On February 4, the 6-member family was stabbed, beaten and shot; their bodies were later found scattered in their Southern California home. Uribe and his 19-year-old girlfriend, Jafeth Ramos planned to rob the family but ended killing everyone. Uribe, who is the nephew by marriage to Maria Herminia Martinez, shot her first after some kind of argument with her on the day of the murder. After shooting his aunt, he systematically beats and stabs the other members of the family. Although, Ramos participated in the crime she did not shoot or stab anyone, Chicago Sun Times reported.

“The offender first engaged in an argument with Maria. She was shot and killed and then as time went on, systematically, when he encountered the other subjects in the house, he proceeded to beat or stab them,” said Gene Roy, Chicago Police Chief of Detectives.

The victims of Gage Park massacre were Noe Martinez Sr, 62, Rosaura Martinez, 58, Noe Martinez Jr., 38, Maria Herminia Martinez, 32, Leonardo Cruz, 13, and Alexis Cruz, 10, as per 5NBC Chicago.

Uribe was not in good terms with Maria, but that was not the prime motive of the murders. Superintendent Eddie Johnson in a news conference at the police headquarters noted that Uribe’s actions were barbaric. He also said that in his 28 years experience he had never witnessed a case like this.

He said, “for area residents, it was a shocking and sudden loss of friends and neighbours as well as fear for their safety. For CPD officers and detectives, it became personal.”