Disney 3D animation movie Frozen 2 is under production. However, since the sequel was announced, the studio has kept things under wraps. Now and then, this has raised many speculations about Frozen 2.  The latest buzz reveals that Frozen 2‘s release date might be delayed since the production studios have other priorities. Currently, they are working on a holiday special. Even Idina Menzel , one of the cast members, has handed out some updates about the movie.

We heard Idina Menzel as Elsa in Frozen 1. Lately, Menzel confirmed that Frozen 2’s script is still in development. So the cast has yet to find out what the plot is going to be.

In her words:

“We are at story writing and they’re working on it and I think I’m in it. That’s all I know – unless maybe Elsa falls off an ice cliff and she dies in the first five minutes.” (via E! News)

Her statement somehow indicated that no voice recording has yet been started for the movie.  Back in February, a relevant source disclosed that the studios are now involved in a holiday special, similar to Frozen Fever. Since it is on their top priority list and slated for  early 2017, Frozen 2‘s release date might get pushed.

Perhaps the studios have decided to finish the animation and voice recording for the special and then shift their attention to Frozen 2. If so, then Frozen 2‘s release date can’t be expected before 2018 or even early 2019. The holiday special will be aired on ABC.

A few rumors say that in Frozen 2, Elsa and Anna might get into a romantic relationship.  Another gossip highlights that the movie features a sorceress as the main villain who can manipulate fire and transform her into the exact opposite of Elsa. However, there is no word by the studios on such reports thus far.

Earlier, there were hints that Frozen 2‘s release date is scheduled for 2017, but right now, the holiday special is coming instead, says Entertainment Weekly.