“Frozen 2” seems to be one of the highly-anticipated Disney films. After “Frozen” created a huge impact on kids and young-at-heart ones, fans are excited to know details on the movie sequel. It is speculated that the movie will welcome a new villain and reveal Anna’s powers.

As reported on Parent Herald, Queen Elsa will face a new enemy in the sequel. The site mentioned that she will meet a female villain from Arendelle. It is expected that this villain will be opposite of Elsa’s.

In previous reports, Princess Anna was speculated to turn evil in “Frozen 2.” If ever she would be the sequel’s main villain, could her superpowers be related to fire? Crossmap, however, noted that Anna’s powers will be related to summer or fall.

“It is not impossible for Anna to have super powers as well, some theories are saying that since Elsa’s powers is winter, the power of Anna will be summer or fall,” the site wrote. Thus, it led to speculations that Anna “possesses the power of fire.”

This could potentially cause conflict between the two sisters. But what could have triggered it? There’s also another speculation that Anna is adopted, right? A fan movie theory previously explained that Queen Elsa’s twin sister is “Tangled’s” Rapunzel.

However, it was earlier reported that Anna and Elsa will have a chart-topping duet about “being stronger together.” Thus, it is possible that Anna won’t be villainous throughout the film. Disney creators have yet to confirm or deny the above-mentioned reports.

In an interview with HitFix, creator Jennifer Lee teased what Anna’s powers could be. Lee hinted that Anna’s superpowers might be related to love.

Lee said,

“You know, like a mama bear can raise a car off their kid with their super strength. Love is very powerful.”

Although there’s no confirmation from the production team, “Frozen 2” is speculated to hit theatres in 2018, Youth Health Magazine noted.