“Frozen 2” is on its way and a lot of speculations about Elsa’s love interest are now making rounds. Rumor has it that Elsa will be paired with Prince Hans in the upcoming film.

The theory of Prince Hans returning to the sequel is persistent, Movie News Guide reports. Those who have watched the first motion picture “Frozen” already know that Prince Hans was sent back to his kingdom after his attempt to take over Arandelle by acquainting with Anna and making her believe that he loves her.

In “Frozen 2” Prince Hans will reportedly “have a change of heart” and will come back to Elsa’s kingdom to save her in order to gain her heart. However it is still not sure what kind of trouble Elsa will be in this time, Cross Map reports, adding that no details of the villain are available at the moment.

Meanwhile, there is speculation in the media that Jack Frost might make an appearance in “Frozen 2.” According to the site, Frost was created by Dreamworks, which is Disney’s competitor.

Aside from Elsa, the snowman Olaf will also reportedly have a pair as well. It is not yet confirmed if his love interest would be a human being or a snow woman. According to a previous report, Olaf’s counterpart will be named as Eliana.

Previous reports also claimed that “Frozen 2” might have a different approach as compared to the first film. It might tackle something about homosexuality, suggesting that Elsa could be a lesbian. On the other hand, Anna might be a villain and could possess superpowers just like her sister.

There are also hearsays that Tarzan could be Elsa and Anna’s missing brother. And how would this plot embed on the highly anticipated film? We will know soon.

None of these rumored plots have been confirmed so far, but director Chris Buck recently said that he wanted “Frozen 2” to surpass the previous animated film, which was hugely successful.

Stay tuned for more “Frozen 2” news.