Details for the “Frozen 2” movie have been very limited and this fueled many speculations about the possible storyline of the sequel – among those is Olaf turning human.

Since Disney has been very good in keeping the plot of “Frozen 2” under wraps. Now, many are wondering what will be the story of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf this time around.

One of the rumors swirling around is that Olaf will turn into a human being and he will be Elsa’s love interest. The speculations stemmed from reports that Olaf’s life will be featured in “Frozen 2.” Many also theorized that Olaf was actually a human in the past and he was just cursed, but he will be back to his original form in the sequel and be Elsa’s love interest, Master Herald wrote.

If that is the case, what do you think can turn Olaf into a human? Job N Hire wrote it could be the magic of love. In an interview with Hit-Fix, directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee said Anna has superpowers and that is love. Could Anna’s love for Olaf transform him into a human?

According to the Telegraph, Disney might bank on Olaf’s popularity among viewers in “Frozen 2.”

In March, Josh Gad, the actor who voiced Olaf, had expressed his excitement that the sequel is finally happening. He told to E! News, “I’m just excited that they announced it. I have complete faith in the creative team and I’m excited to hear that it’s happening at this point.”

Meanwhile, another speculation that emerged was that Prince Hans will be back in part two and he will be Elsa’s love interest.

According to CrossMap, the upcoming sequel will bring back Prince Hans not as a villain, but this time as Elsa’s love interest. In the first installment of “Frozen,” Prince Hans and Anna were featured in a whirlwind romance. However, it turned out that Prince Hans has his own agenda of being close to Anna – the throne of Arandelle.

There has been “Frozen 2” rumored plot too that Elsa and Anna are not real sisters or they are related to Rapunzel of “Tangled.”