“Frozen 2” has been intrigued to have a homosexual theme and rumour has it that Queen Elsa might be gay. But after that, the Disney and Pixar animated sequel became the center of negative media attention, especially for the religious right, which has allegedly gone furious.

Twitter user Alexis Isabel created the hashtag “Give Elsa Girlfriend” and the netizens are embracing the possibility. Most of the Twitter users are hoping that Elsa may find true love in the same sex, and some even created a fan art that depicts the idea.

But then, not everyone was okay with it. According to Huffington Post, social and conservative group Citizen Go has been trying to persuade Disney that Elsa should be given a Prince to love, not a woman.

Right Wing Watch also reported that the campaign aims to tell the animation studios to “follow the normal trend.” Hence, #CharmingPrinceForElsa was created.

“The alternative idea is frightening,” as stated in the petition. “Last week, the LGBT lobby and liberal Hollywood stood together demanding Disney create Queen Elsa’s character into a Lesbian. If fact, they claim, based off of her views in Frozen, she is already a lesbian and now only needs a girlfriend,” they added.

Additionally, Evangelical minister Billy Graham’s son Franklin went on Facebook to slam the possibility of “Frozen 2” having an LGBT-themed plot. “In the social media campaign for this, one proponent tweeted, ‘Little kids need to learn that there’s nothing wrong with being gay.’ What a lie!” he exclaimed.

The debate may go a long way, but let see that Disney and Pixar will do when “Frozen 2” arrives in theaters. But aside from the controversial news, other circumstances are also looked upon, like Anna might possess firepower and could be the next villain.

More updates about “Frozen 2” in the coming days so kindly stay tuned.