“Frozen 2” is already in production. Although speculations about the sequel’s possible direction are rife, the latest hearsay could be the biggest to date. It could also be a major milestone for Disney Animation if the studio gives in to popular demand.

A Twitter campaign wants Disney to make Elsa its first LGBT princess, the Independent reported. The publication noted that the animated movie already broke Disney’s signature formula as it focused on the true love between sisters and their strengths as women.

Moreover, it introduced someone who could be the first openly gay character in animation, Oaken. He made a brief appearance in the film as the owner of the trading post. @summerlightning posted images of him on Tumblr as he waved to his “family” inside the sauna. The movie’s theme song “Let it Go” also became a “major gay anthem” because the LGBT community members connected with the song’s message of empowerment. Would the subtext turn up in the sequel’s story line? The publication left this question open.

An earlier rumour speculated that Elsa and Prince Hans would be paired in “Frozen 2.” However, the demand to give her a girlfriend is growing because of the strong association the LGBT community feels towards her, the Metro reported.

As the ice queen, Elsa felt unaccepted because of her powers, so she ran away and hid inside an ice castle. The publication noted this could be parallel to how some feel when they have to hide their sexuality in a “closet.” Elsa’s acceptance of herself and her decision to leave the ice castle to save her sister symbolised her “coming out.”

Netizens rallied on Twitter to justify the LGBT story line for “Frozen 2.” One user remarked it would be a logical move on the part of the studio to do so given the obvious metaphor. Meanwhile, another user revealed her own pain growing up. She noted how a gay Disney princess would help younger girls feel normal.

The Twitter trend began with user Alexis Isabel who started the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, Telegraph revealed. She wrote to @Disney asking the studio about this request. Her post inspired user @thelibrawitch to share ideas for Elsa’s possible girlfriend.