Canadian airline carrier WestJet has recently released their second custom-painted, “Frozen” themed aircraft on account of the promotion of the forthcoming sequel of the “Frozen” series.

The Calgary-based airline had first introduced a custom-painted plane way back in 2013 where the theme was “Sorcerer Mickey” which featured Mickey Mouse. The collaboration was in association with WestJet vacations and Walt Disney parks and resorts, according to Westjet2 Media Room. This aircraft was called the “Magic Plane”.

The “Frozen” themed bird was filled up with 23 colours using 624 litres of paint in Fort Worth, Texas, reported CBC news.

The design of this colourful Boeing 737 features the protagonists of the “Frozen” series, Anna and Elsa chanting out magic spells of snow on the tail, while Olaf sits on the face of the plane relaxing in the sun.

Although the second sequel of the “Frozen” franchise is about to hit the screens in 2018, according to The Telegraph, the promotion seems to a level-up in an effort to enthral the audience into the chilly world of snow magic.

The Westjet Blog says that this wonderfully sculpted aircraft not only has a mesmerising picturesque external body, it also provides an experience of the “Frozen” world in the interiors. The outside contains a descending pattern of Anna and Elsa from the tail-end leading towards a sunny part where Olaf is lying, the interior of the plane depict a colder backdrop in the overhead bins and headrest fabric at the rear end which gradually turns warmer moving towards the front end where the designs give a summer experience as per the exterior.