“Frozen 2” updates always bring good news to kids and young-at-heart fans. But while fans are awaiting for news on the movie’s plot, they must also prepare themselves for a not-so-happy ending. Uh-oh.

First, let’s hear some good news. According to Master Herald, there’s a big probability that “Frozen 2” will have a chart-topping duet. And who will perform the song? Queen Elsa and Princess Anna of Arendelle of course!

After the first movie’s hit song “Let It Go” took the fans by storm, it’s highly expected that the sequel will include another chart-topping song. As mentioned on the site, it was film critic Robbie Collin who thought of the sisters’ possible duet.

Collins’ theory mentioned that the song would probably be “about being stronger together.” He said that the lines and verses of the song are expected to tell Elsa and Anna’s current situation. And then, they’ll take on a “big, soaring chorus.”

Another critic mentioned that “Frozen” is a good movie for both kids and adults. This critic said that he won’t grow tired of watching the film. However, he thinks that “Let It Go” has been heard too much.

Thus, Master Herald noted that Collin’s theory seems plausible. But do you think the movie’s writers and directors already have something in their minds? In a recent interview, co-director Chris Buck admitted that he wants to “make viewers, laugh, cry and feel” while watching “Frozen 2.”

In another report by Master Herald, Buck told Movie News Guide about the movie’s unhappy ending. He mentioned that the sequel will focus on each sister’s character development. However, the award-winning director hinted that the team behind “Frozen 2” still needs to figure out a lot of things.

As mentioned on Youth Health Magazine, a previous report detailed that Anna will soon discover powers of her own. Meanwhile, the site speculated that the sequel would probably released in 2018.

“Why isn’t Frozen coming before 2018? Well, Moana’s movie comes first,” Movie Pilot reported.