“Frozen” is a story about the strong bond between Arendelle sisters, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna as they shared the other meaning of true love. While Pixar and Disney are preparing for its sequel, “Frozen 2,” there is a rumour that actress Emily Blunt is chosen to play as Elsa’s real sister.

Contrary to the rumour, the actress made it clear that she was just mistaken as Elsa, instead. Her new movie “Hunstman: Winter’s War” depicts her as the Ice Queen, as Entertainment Weekly notes.

Her role as the Queen of Ice shares similarity to that of Queen Elsa and as a result, Charlize Theron’s son, an avid “Frozen” fan wrongly recognized her as the animation movie’s main character. She revealed what happened during her appearance on the recent episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“Charlize’s son was on set a lot and he’s obsessed with ‘Frozen’ so he really thought I was Elsa,” Blunt said. “And then he got really disappointed because he saw me in my sweatpants one day with the white hair on, and he just looks at me and goes, ‘Put on your dress.’ Like, he was really bummed about it. ‘Put it on now.’”

In other “Frozen 2” news, Disneyland unveils the new “Frozen” themed magical attraction. According to Hollywood Life, the enchanting ride will be opening this summer in Epcot, Norway.

The new “Frozen” world consists of two main attractions: a meet-and-greet area with Elsa and Anna called “Royal Sommerhus” and a ride, “Frozen Ever After.”

“It’s truly an extension of the Norway Pavilion,”  Disney Imagineering assistant project manager Lauren Niederhiser said.  “Now that true love has conquered all, we are able to open up the summer cabin, invite guests in, and that’s where Anna and Elsa will meet you,” she added. Catch the sneak peek of the newest attraction below: