After the huge success of  Disney’s “Frozen” in 2013, fans have longed for possible sequel or even short video clips of the widely acclaimed animated film. But what could have happened if Anna chose to stick with Hans? Will their wedding lead to a happily ever after?

In the movie, “Frozen,” Elsa rejected the idea of Anna marrying the Southern Isles Prince. She told Anna, “You can’t marry a man you just met.” This may have broken Anna’s heart but her sister knew that there was something wrong about marrying the guy.

When Anna was caught in despair, she turned to Hans for help but he refused. She found out that Prince Hans has self-serving intentions when he befriended her. He just wanted to marry Anna so he could become King of Arendelle.

In the end, young-at-heart fans rejoiced because peace (and summer) was restored in Arendelle. Elsa became Queen and Anna found her true love, Kristoff.

But some fans just can’t get enough of “Frozen.” One fan considered the possibility of Hans not giving up on his plans of becoming King. This fan created a video of Anna and Hans’ wedding. The fan-made video which was posted on Youtube has now over 8 million views.

In the video, Hans got himself an amulet which has the power to hypnotise people. While Anna was sleeping, Hans put it around her neck. It turns out that the amulet’s power is strong because the next scene featured Anna in her wedding dress.

During the wedding, Kristoff, Olaf and Merida from the movie “Brave” was seen hiding behind the door. Kristoff knew that Anna wouldn’t marry Hans at all cost. Olaf agreed with him and said that Anna was hypnotised. But it was Merida who concluded that the necklace hypnotised Anna.

In the next scenes, they tried to remove the necklace from Anna’s neck but they were unsuccessful. Suddenly, the necklace fell from her neck. Anna was brought back to her own senses and punched Hans on the face. She ran away from their wedding and went to Kristoff.

Sorry, Hans, but even in fan-made videos, your evil plans will never succeed!

Watch the fan-made video here.