Two years ago, “Frozen” caught the hearts of kids and kids at heart. This time, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are back to capture our hearts once again for the upcoming sequel “Frozen 2.”

What could be happening on the production right now?

Well, nothing much has been announced recently, but it has been confirmed that Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee are back for film direction. Meanwhile, Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell have returned to voice Elsa and Anna, respectively.

As for the release date, the announcement should be made soon.

While the plot details are still unknown, several rumors and speculations have been rolling on the web for quite some time.

Some of them predicted Elsa’s fate in the sequel, as she could be a lesbian, or worse that she might die. On the other hand, there are some rumors that Anna might be the next villain and Olaf could melt, to cite a few. A crossover between “Frozen 2” and “Tangled” have been guessed as well.

Moreover, there could be another “Let It Go”movie anthem, as Queen Elsa and her sister might be having a duet on the second film.

“I think they’ll definitely try to position one song as a Let It Go-trumping central number. At a guess, though, it might be a duet between the sisters,” according to Tim Robey of Telegraph.

However, none of the rumors have been confirmed yet so let us keep an eye for further updates.

For those who are wondering when will Pixar and Disney release the official trailer, no one has given details about it yet. But since the “Frozen 2” hype may have made the fans excited, some are creative enough to make a trailer.

We have compiled 6 “Frozen 2” fan- made teasers. Which one of them is the funniest? Let us know in the comments below!