Frozen 2 likely broke the mold of Disney Films. However, the future remains promising for the studio.

Films are slowly but surely undergoing a makeover. Surprisingly, Disney Studios is taking the lead after the success of its 2013 icy animated musical flick that featured a strong female lead. Hence, it would likely continue this trend in Frozen 2. Its emphasis on a female-led cast is also highlighted in Moana. However, it is not the only distinction of Disney’s upcoming film. The titular character is also the first Polynesian princess featured by the studio. Thus, she is one of the few POC (people of color) represented to date in a lead role. A major feat to mount for any production.

Early on, John Lasseter, COO of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation, revealed the studio’s commitment to present diversity in its future films. Hence, audiences worldwide could likely look forward to characters with whom they could relate with both personally and culturally.

A good case in point is the Queen of Katwe. The upcoming Disney film features the life story of Uganda’s first female chess champion. Academy award winner Lupita Nyong’o leads the cast that includes many locals from the area. Madina Nalwanga, who plays Phiona, actually grew in close proximity to the set location. Recently, the studio premiered its latest production that is a spinoff of the animation Sofia the First from Disney Junior. Elena of Avalor is the first Latina princess of the studio.

However, it remains unknown if Disney would give in to popular demand and feature LGBT characters. A Twitter campaign led by fans of Frozen 2 trended with the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend. The hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend followed soon after.  As expected, both campaigns gave rise to a variety of reactions and received its share of media attention.

Movie Pilot surmised that no other studio could be in a better position to take on the risks that come with these themes. However, the ball lies in the court of Disney if it would heed the call and take a chance.