“Frozen” 2 has already been confirmed by Disney over a year ago. Rumors say that the King of the Jungle, Tarzan may play a big role in relation to Elsa.

The second film of Frozen will again be directed by Chris Buck. However, no clues were given as to how the plot will go in the new film. But Chatt Sports Net mentioned that  Buck has already laid out a general plan and direction for the film. Also mentioned in the website is how Buck will take this film seriously, especially the message that he wishes to convey to this generation. Since the first Frozen film was a massive hit, Buck acknowledges the fact that the levels of expectation for “Frozen” 2 are very high.

Due to the popularity of “Frozen” after its release more than 2 years ago, fans have been coming up with theories that connect the film to other Disney films such as “Tarzan”, “Little Mermaid”, and Tangled, as per BuzzFeed. However, “Frozen” fans are dying to know whether the theory, particularly the one about Tarzan, is true and if he might make a possible appearance in “Frozen” 2.

The Tarzan-Frozen relationship theory revolves around the fate of Elsa and Anna’s parents. In the movie, Elsa and Anna were told that their parents got lost at sea. But according to the theory, they weren’t lost at sea but rather were washed ashore. And on that island, the mother gave birth to a son, Tarzan.

According to CrossMap, rumors are also going around that in “Frozen” 2, Queen Elsa will have a love interest. Some have said that this may be Prince Hans who is coming back. Others, putting two and two together, came up with the idea that Tarzan may even be the love interest.

If Chris Buck decides to make a crossover of these two Disney films, it will definitely be something both “Tarzan” and “Frozen” fans will love.

“Frozen” 2 is expected to be released in late 2017 or early 2018.