“Frozen 2” has been confirmed and fans of the Ice Queen of Arendelle are hoping that she will also appear in the “Tangled” TV series.

HollywoodLife cornered actor Zachary Levi at the 2016 Tony Awards Meet the Nominees Press Junket recently and gave out update on what’s next for Flynn and Rapunzel.

Levi has revealed that there will be no “Tangled” sequel in the big screen but there will be a television series for the Disney princess.

The actor played Rapunzel’s knight and shining rider Flynn in the animated film “Tangled.” He told HollywoodLife, “There’s not going to be a Tangled 2,” but “We’re doing a Tangled series! Tangled: Ever After was the short we did, and now we’re doing a series for the Disney Channel.”

The “Tangled” TV series is not the only project that Levi is on right now. He is up for his first Tony nomination as Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical for his role in the Broadway stage, “She Loves Me.”

The likelihood of Elsa appearing in “Tangled” is not farfetched. There have been speculations that Elsa and Rapunzel are the real sisters.

A site, named Closer, also noted that during Elsa’s coronation in “Frozen”, viewer had a glimpse of Rapunzel and Flynn among the crowd visiting the Kingdom of Arendelle. “Frozen” will also be coming to Broadway in 2018.

New York Times earlier reported that Disney announced its plans to bring a staged musical adaptation of the Academy Award-winning film, the box office animated film that gave the world the earworm “Let It Go.”

As for “Frozen 2,” the movie sequel is still on. In March, Disney and Pixar have confirmed that there will be a sequel to the 2013 blockbuster animated film.

“Frozen” director Christopher Buck revealed that they already started forming the plot for the part two.

“Jen and I are just getting back into the story room together and throwing ideas around. We have an overall idea, a concept, which I think is a very strong one. I’m very excited about doing it,” he said.

“Frozen 2” is expected to be released in 2018.