After the success of Disney’s Frozen in 2013, the demand for Frozen 2 remains high. Reports and speculations on Elsa and Anna’s next journey continue to surface. So far, what we know is that there will indeed be a second instalment. But, what will be the story about? Will we finally see Anna’s superpowers? What is Elsa’s next challenge?

Possible theories include questions on Anna’s superpowers, Elsa’s real sibling and even Olaf’s love interest. Since Elsa has ice powers, theories point out that Anna may have fire superpowers. However, if they are not really blood-related, there could be a problem. Anna may become the movie’s super villain yet it’s unlikely. Remember that Anna turned into ice after she saved Elsa from Prince Hans?

The latest movie spoiler came from Idina Menzel. And fans weren’t quite ready for such shocking detail. She previously told E! News, “We are at story writing and they’re working on it and I think I’m in it. That’s all I know—unless maybe Elsa falls off an ice cliff and she dies in the first five minutes.”

Maybe that’s why rumours point out that Elsa will have fewer scenes.

So, how could they possibly kill off Elsa, right? But since Idina Menzel might have dropped a hint, we could always count on Anna. She won’t let anything happen to Elsa. With her newly-discovered powers, it’s impossible for her to just let Elsa die.

On the other hand, Movie Pilot believes Elsa won’t even die. The publication cited reasons why Elsa’s disappearance on Frozen 2 is definitely a no-no.

According to the site, Elsa has a lot to do and accomplish in the upcoming sequel. Fans have yet to see more of her personality, perhaps a new dress and well, Anna has to sing an epic song with her! Moreover, fans are also waiting for her to have a girlfriend. Of course, we’re also waiting for her to approve Anna and Kristoff’s wedding. Well, just in case they’re still together in the sequel.

Stay tuned for more updates on Frozen 2.