A lot has been said about “Frozen 2” so far. First, there was word that Anna would play an antagonist to Elsa in the sequel. Then Elsa was supposed to fall for Prince Hans. Then there were rumours that the sequel was cancelled altogether to make way for the Broadway version. While not much is known about the current status of “Frozen 2,” what is confirmed is that the original “Frozen” animated movie will be telecast on our television screens over the Easter weekend.

According to Inquisitr, Freeform has dubbed the Easter weekend as “Frozen Weekend” and has announced a great animated film line-up for the viewers which are “Frozen,” “HOP,” “Dumbo,” and “Up.” The movies will play at different schedules of course and if you want to relive the story of Anna and Elsa, it will be telecast at 8:00 p.m. EDT, reveals Broadway World. Freeform is an American basic cable and satellite television channel owned the Disney.

While “Frozen” follows Anna’s search for her sister Queen Elsa after their kingdom becomes trapped in perpetual winter, “Dumbo” tells the story of a baby elephant with extra large ears. “HOP” tells the story of EB, a bunny who’d rather be a drummer than an heir to a giant Easter candy manufacturing factory. “Up” features a 78-year-old on a journey to fulfill his wife’s lifelong dream adventure.

“Frozen” can be counted as one of the most successful Disney movies, its success sparking the rumours of its sequel. ANN had reported that “Frozen 2” will not just see Elsa putting on her romantic shoes, but everybody’s favourite snowman Olaf is rumoured to get a love interest too. What’s more, younger sister Anna was rumoured to play an antagonist in the movie.

Disney has not yet commented or confirmed any of the rumours so far. So while the world speculates the fate of “Frozen 2,” we suggest you get your popcorn ready to experience Disney magic once again in the comfortable confines of your home during the Easter weekend.