Monica and Chandler were once television’s most favorite couple. Chandler proposing to Monica is still one of the best and the most watched episode in the 10 seasons’ that TV show “Friends” had to offer.

In a rather shocking twist of fate, former “Friends” co-stars Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry have been rumored to be dating in real life, according to a Daily Telegraph report.

According to this week’s Star, Cox and Perry “have grown a lot closer since the actress’ engagement to Snow Patrol guitarist Johnny McDaid ended.” A source tells the tabloid, “It’s no surprise that Matthew was one of the first people Courteney called after Johnny left her. They’ve leaned on each other before — during her infertility struggle and his battle with addiction.”

Cox split with his Snow Patrol guitarist-pianist Johnny McDaid, whom she had met through a mutual friend Ed Sheeran. Their engagement was called off because the pair has different lifestyles, according to a report in Hollywood Life. Cox was married to David Arquette for 11 years earlier and also has a daughter, Coco, with him.

After her split, Cox turned to Perry for support, who has been her life-long friend ever since “Friends”. Perry is said to have telephoned Cox after she called of her engagement with McDaid to “talk” over one night, and they have been together ever since. Woah!

While her on-screen husband has taken things in his own hand, another source says that Cox wants to take it “slow.” The news has made die hard “Friends” fans go into a frenzy while the speculations are still ripe over their dating.

Gossip Cop, however, dismissed the claims downright by saying Perry and Cox are NOT “friends with benefits” and that there is absolutely no truth to the allegations. While tabloids are brewing this hot piece of news, it is only for time to tell whether there is any truth to the allegations at all.

The actors, however, have yet to speak about his recent development.