Its quite hard to break any habit you take on into your life. As far as  smoking is concerned it is nearly impossible for some to move away from the habit.  French schools have allowed smoking on school grounds for the safety of students who smoke outside the premises.

The school authorities fear that the student could become the target of violence coming from terrorists if they have to go outside the school premises to smoke.  Last year, school administrators union requested the authorities to lift the ban on smoking five days after the Paris Attacks (Nov,13), where 130 died and hundreds wounded. But their request was refused by health ministry, SNPDEN, according to a report by Breaking News.

After the refusal in November,  SNPDEN renewed its call last week on the release of the school smoking ban just as long as France is still under the state of emergency.

In a rejection letter, the health ministry reminded the school administrators union about France’s efforts to cut down the number of smokers by 10% by 2019.  Following the government statistics, around one-third of the school children between 15 and 19 years smoke in France.

In case the school directors are caught allowing the students to smoke, according to the health ministry, there is a fine of €135 up to €750 euro.  But even with this warning, SNPDEN Deputy Secretary General Michel Richard said that some schools have gone ahead “without any official approval”.

“During each recess, in more than 2,000 schools in France, dozens of youth or even hundreds at the largest establishments form static and compact groups in a predictable way for 15 to 20 minutes.” the SNPDEN union revealed in a letter dated November 18.

“Students massing on the street constitutes a very high risk, one that is certainly greater than that posed by the consumption of tobacco,” said Richard, in a report filed by BBC.

The union was not trying to reduce the health risks of smoking. They acknowledge the dangers of cultivating such habit inside the school premises. But in the present context, they believe that it is necessary to guard  the school children against the most dangerous risks — violence and terrorism.