The French Open Day 13 opens with the semifinals as scheduled. Even Seine River overflowing, nothing can stop the tennis action from happening in the Roland Garros red clay courts from happening.

For the men’s semi-finals, the world’s top tennis players, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray will face Dominic Thiem and Stan Wawrinka in the two main courts at the same time. Here are the details of the men’s semifinals match!

Djokovic v Thiem

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic is one step away from the French Open 2016 finals. But first, he has to serve up and defeat Dominic Thiem. Austrian Thiem is on his first major semi-finals and is definitely willing to give Djokovic a hard game.

However, just into their first set and Djokovic is already out proving why he’s World No. 1. Into the first set and Thiem has already racked up 8 unforced errors while Djokovic plays as neat as he can. Even with the crowd cheering for the Dominic the underdog, it seems the Austrian still has a lot of tennis matches to play before he can beat Djokovic at tennis.

The semifinals round between Thiem and Djokovic ended with a 6-2 6-1 6-4 score. Novak Djokovic is advancing to his 4th French Open finals and the 20th Grand Slam for his career, Roland Garros notes.

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Murray v Wawrinka

Launching himself fresh from a Rome Masters title win, Murray is again battling it out for another spectacular French Open semifinals match against Stan Wawrinka. Wawrinka is the oldest player in the Roland Garros Open at 31.

With Murray winning 8 matches against Wawrinka but Wawrinka getting the best of Britain’s no. 1 on their last 3 matches on the clay courts, the French Open semifinals can be anyone’s game.

World No. 2 Andy Murray unleashes himself on the clay courts, determined to secure his finals spot and avenge his last 3 losses against the Swiss. With Andy claiming the first two sets, Wawrinka wakes up to the crowd’s cheer and snatches away the third set like nothing happened in the first two.

Murray looked vulnerable for a second before getting his head back into the game and finishing off what he started. Andy Murray wins with a precarious 6-4 6-2 4-6 6-2 score.

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The Guardian quotes Andy Murray celebrating his entry into the finals saying with a cracking voice “I played one of my best matches here and I’m looking forward to the final now.”

French Open Day 13: Shots of the Day

It’s been a wonderful French Open Day 13 for everyone, especially Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray who will be facing each other in the Roland Garros Finals. But before Sunday’s match, here are the best shots of Day 13.