A French man stabbed a British woman and shouted “Allahu Akbar” at a women’s backpackers’ hostel on Tuesday.

Along with the woman named Mia Ayliffe-Chung, two other men were also injured in the attack at Shelly’s Backpackers located in the town of Home Hill, Queensland. One of them is a Briton, 30, who is still in critical condition. Police confirmed that the incident took place at around 11:15 pm local time. They said that several witnesses saw the stabbing of the 21-year-old woman along with the attack on other two men. A dog was also fatally injured as a result of the heinous event that took place.

Queensland law enforcement officers said on Wednesday that they have arrested a 29-year-old French man at the scene for conducting the “senseless act of violence.” Queensland Police Deputy Commission Steve Gollschewski also confirmed that the man was transferred to a hospital after being taken into custody. He was getting treated for “non-life threatening” injuries. The man has no connections with ISIS, and the officials claimed that it was an individual act.

The officials said that the arrestee shouted “Allahu Akbar” both during the attack as reported and also while being arrested. He is yet to be charged. It was confirmed by the police that they were not searching for any other suspects in the British woman stabbing incident.

The incident was being treated as a homicide by the officers. “This is not about race or religion. It is individual criminal behaviour,” The Independent quoted Gollschewski as saying.

The identity of the suspect would not be revealed until he is presented in court. The commissioner said that the investigation was in its initial stage and the department will uncover it completely to find the hidden links, if any.

“The associated issues of what motivated him and whether that has any relevance to radicalization is something we’re going to explore fully, but we won’t know for some time whether that’s the case,” Gollschewski said as quoted by NY Daily News.

Watch the police’s statement on the matter below: