Police have charged a landlord in Connecticut for demanding sex instead of rent from his tenants, thereby endangering the lives of a lot of children forced to be involved in underage sex.

Richard A. Bruno, 44, is coercing tenants who rented his properties to have sex in lieu of rents. However, the Connecticut police are still trying to find out whether he is the owner of those properties or is supposed to take care of them. Connecticut’s CBS Local reported that the officers are also in search of people and properties connected to the underage sex deals made.

In a statement released by the police, it claimed that Bruno had been arrested in New London on Thursday. The arrest happened because Bruno had an online chat with a member of the Connecticut State Police Computer Crimes Unit, thinking she was a 13-year-old girl and he tried to establish a sexual encounter with her. The arrestee admitted to the claims while talking to the undercover agent online, asking for sex in lieu of rent.

According to the Daily Mail, the man arrived to meet his next victim for sexual deals in exchange for renting his property. The police arrested him on the spot.

The landlord has been charged with six counts of sexual criminal involvements. These charges also included attempted sexual trafficking in persons, attempted second-degree sexual assault, enticement of a minor and risk of injury to a minor. Police claimed that they have found evidence to favour allegations made against the man for trying to make deals for underage sex, but nothing yet in return to using his property for rent. NBC New York reported that Bruno’s address is registered with Bruno Plumbing.

He is out on US$150,000 (AU$ 203,271) bond but is due to be presented to the New London Superior Court on May 19.