That white Volkswagen Jetta that Jesse (played by Chad Lindberg) took to Race Wars in the original Fast and the Furious is for sale at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2016 auction.

Currently owned by actor Frankie Muniz, who bought it back in 2002 when he was just about 16, this 1995 Jetta has a custom stereo, an onboard PlayStation 2, and all the wild graphics and body kit pieces you remember from the movie. It’s been autographed by Paul Walker, Chad Lindberg, and director Rob Cohen.

Truly, the only letdown of this supped-up boy-racer is its 4-speed automatic transmission. Any cool factor gained by the spoiler, side graphics or high-performance motor are all but ruined by the self-shifting slushbox under the hood.

But nonetheless, this car is likely best for owning rather than driving. It’ll likely continue to increase in value even if it is an automatic.

According to The Verge, the important thing you need to know is that this Jetta is being offered by Frankie Muniz of Agent Cody Banks and Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! fame. There’s no word on why Muniz is selling it, but it seems he’s decided that it’s time for another collector to enjoy owning this extraordinarily minor piece of Fast & Furious history.

Earlier, carmaker Porsche blamed Paul Walker for his own death in one of its sports cars, saying that the vehicle he was riding in had been “abused and altered.”

According to CNN, the actor’s “death, and all other injuries or damages claimed, were the result of (his) own comparative fault,” court documents filed by the car company last week said.

Walker was best known for his role as Brian O’Conner in the “Fast & Furious” franchise. His life was cut short when a Porsche he was riding in crashed on November 30, 2013, during a few days off in the filming of the seventh movie in the popular series. He was 40.