You are probably one those fans who are tired of waiting for the Frank Ocean new album. Now, you don’t have to do that anymore.

Waiting for Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry could be exhausting and disappointing especially if you don’t know until when you have to wait.  Worry no more! There is already an app that will do just that for you.

A 20-year-old computer science and engineering junior at UC Davis developed an app specifically for this purpose. Shahzeb Khan is a self-confessed fan of Ocean and admitted that he is tired of refreshing his browsers all day to see if Boys Don’t Cry finally dropped. Hence, he decided to create an app that will inform fans the moment Ocean’s new album drops online.

“Like everyone else, I’m a huge Frank Ocean fan and I’ve been anticipating the album and checking up on blogs and websites constantly and there’s been radio silence,” Khan told Billboard.

The web-based app is called (650)82OCEAN. It will automatically scour Spotify, iTunes and Twitter for the latest Frank Ocean news. The moment it spots that the new Ocean album has gone online, it will automatically send a text with the link for the album to all who have the app.

Meanwhile, the R&B singer also made a rare appearance on social media. Ocean’s mother Katonya Breaux shared on Instagram a video of her and Frank in a New York City bar.

Ocean had been teasing the release of his much-awaited album since last year, the most recent of which was on August 5. However, the date came and went but no new Ocean album was released. Ocean’s website then re-posted a library card with the date November 13, 2016 on it. This fueled speculation that Boys Don’t Cry might be released on this date.

NME reported on Sunday that Apple representatives have allegedly been telling customers that Frank Ocean new album will be released within the next “24-72 hours.”

Boys Don’t Cry is Ocean’s follow up of his critically acclaimed Channel Orange album.

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