The long wait for Frank Ocean’s “Boys Don’t Cry” album is over, or it is not?

The new album of Frank Ocean has leaked, JobsNHire reported. However, the clip and audio in soundclouds have been removed.

According to JobsNHire, the 30-second to one minute sample clip sounded like two songs where Ocean’s silky voice can be heard. Meanwhile, Fuse has shared some potential collaborators for Ocean’s album. The list include Pharrell, Jay Z, and Kanye West.

The site wrote that Pharrell co-wrote and co-produced “Sweet Life” in Channel Orange with Frank Ocean and he had mentioned in one interview that they have booked studio time with Pharrell.

Ocean was also recently featured on Kanye’s “Wolves”as well. This could mean that the rapper may show up in “Boys Don’t Cry.” Meanwhile, Jay Z could help promote Ocean’s tracks since they also had collaborations before – “No Church in the Wild” and “Oceans.”

Fuse added that Frank Ocean may also work with his close friend “Tyler, The Creator.” The two have done “She” and “End/Golden Girl” together.

It was previously reported that Ocean would be dropping his new album in July 2015, but the day came and went and Ocean’s album never surfaced. It was followed by reports that he will release his album before 2015 ends. The year ended and still no album was released.

Ocean has been missing-in-action after he failed to keep up his promise to launch the album in July.

Fans have expressed concern over his whereabouts after he also skipped his FYF Fest engagement and the reason being “a scheduling conflict beyond our control,” as shared by his publicist.

The American rapper, however, did voice his thoughts on Paris attacks on his Tumblr account, wherein he offered his condolences to the victims of the terror attacks.

His absence also generated memes such as the one posted on BuzzFeed BFF on Facebook. The post showed the animated movie poster of “Finding Dory”, but instead of having the name “Nemo” or “Dory,” it says: “Finding Frank Ocean”. It also has a caption: “Where’s the album???”