The cruise ship industry is set for a new journey, as the biggest cruise liner in the world has started to sail off from Saint-Nazaire in the western region of France for its first ever sea trial before it will be officially launched in May.

The “Harmony of the Seas” was built by STX France, which measures 362m or 1,187 ft long and weighs 227,000 tonnes. The ship costs US$1.1 billion or AU$1.47.  Standing on its end, the ship would be around 50m or 164 ft taller than the famous Eiffel Tower, and is also close to 100m or 328 ft longer than the Titanic, Yahoo reported.

The Cruise ship is set to sail from Southhampton to Barcelona for its first voyage. Following this is a life of cruising to around the seas of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean for Royal International cruises, The Local reported.

There are about 500 people who are mostly crew, on board for its first trial set to last until Sunday. The tourists have been permitted to go on board for months to see the “Harmony of the Seas’” innards, which has 16 decks and measure 70 m or 210 ft tall.

Three pilots have been trained last year on a simulator not far away from Nantes to assist the captain in performing the tricky manoeuvres that are needed to guide the ship out of the Saint-Nazaire estuary.

Furthermore, 2,000 crew members will attend to the needs of the 5,490 passengers of “Harmony of the Seas,” who will have to choose from 40 restaurants, along with some shops, bars, a theatre and pools.

Cruise ship “Harmony of the Seas” is a meter wider compared to the Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas, owned by RCI, which is also measured at 362 m long.  More trials are scheduled to take place before the month of April ends and are expected to deliver on May 12, two years and eight months following its construction.