Around 70 people died and more than 100 injured in the French Rivera city of Nice after a large van drove onto a crowded place where Frenchmen celebrated July 14- the National Day of France.

Many people are linking the incident to ISIS or other terror group’s initiative, police has claimed that it seemed to be mere an accidental incident and no terror attack is suspected. On the Bastille Day, which the nation’s national day is internationally called, people gathered at Nice to celebrate the event on Thursday.

The Wrap stated that Nice prosecutors confirmed that there are around 70 people who lost their lives in the incident. “The driver of a van appears to have killed dozens. Stay in your homes for now. More info to follow,” Mayor Christian Estrosi tweeted about the incident.

“Dear Nice residents, the driver of a truck appears to have caused tens of deaths. Stay for the moment in your homes,”  Estrosi added. He also said that  more information would be obtained on the matter and the public will be informed accordingly.

Earlier, the event was being considered as a terror act or criminal act, but later on, police authorities have called for people to not assume anything. “Don’t spread false rumors,” the Préfecture de police tweeted. “No fire at the #TourEiffel. An accidental truck fire took place. It is put out.”

The officers, however, said that the time of the attack, either intentional or unintentional, was crucial as there were dozens of people present on the spot.

The truck, according to the latest update, rammed through the crowd over 2 kilometers into the Promeade des Anglais. The officials claimed it was a criminal act. Police have claimed that the truck was filled with firearms and grenades. This is when the gunfire noise was heard by witnesses. The Local France confirmed a witness confirmed saying that he saw the driver coming out of the truck with a gun and he started shooting into the crowd.

The truck driver was killed as claimed by an official. The images of the incident have been gathered that featured the white truck windscreen riddled with bullet holes, as it appears to be.

The incident came following hours of the declaration of a state of emergency in France that would come to an end on July 26. The state of emergency in France has been continuing since the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015.