After facing a lot of keyboard uncertainty, the government of France has demanded a new set of keyboard for the French language.

The plan by the government revealed concerns about the layout of the present keywords, which are hard to use for the French to use.  It is not very helpful in the proper presentation of the language.

According to the report by communication ministry, French nationals find it hard to use accented letters, crucial symbols, near-acrobatic shortcuts and some useful like the euro sign.

Just like QWERTY, which was introduced by typewriter manufacturer Remington is designed for English speakers and writers, with the numbers on the top row of alphabets.

The AZERTY defines the French version of keyboard, which is believed to have originated in the 19th century, but there was no specific information about its origin.

The communication ministry is looking deep into the change which many believed to be suitable to the French sticklers.

As per the reports, some keys are not placed the same as the standard and some of them are not even available according to the operating system and keyboard manufacturer.

“These limitations have even led some of our fellow citizens to think that one is not supposed to put accents in the upper case,” the report said.

Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin said on Thursday, “it is obviously not a question of changing the AZERTY keyboard as I have read here and there,”.

“It is about studying the ways in which we can improve the functioning of existing keyboards to allow access to letters that will allow us to write correctly in French,” she said in an interview with iTele news channel, as reported by France 24.

The old format followed the alphabetic order, where the letters and numbers were set in two rows.

French accents and special characters like” “Ç” for Ça va ?” are difficult to be typed.

Prestigious guardians of the French language, the Academie Francaise has also drawn concern over the confusion caused by the present layout.