Flights have been cancelled in France, following the nationwide “Black Tuesday” protest against the transport companies like Uber, Chauffeur-Privy and Heetch.

Thousands of French taxi driver blocked the roads and burned tires around the ring road in Paris, a key intersection in the west of the city.

In order to resolve the chaos, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has called for an emergency meeting with drivers. He has also agreed to amend a new law.

As per Socialist government’s agendas towards global market and modernisations of France, this is another tough test.

Roads to airport and train stations were blocked. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled due to traffic official’s absence, who united with the support civil servants, hospital workers and teachers.

Two driver were injured in the protest as they tried to block a shuttle bus at Orly Airport. The bus driver was arrested by police.

Around 300 drivers over the city expressed rage, lighting fires and throwing smoke bombs. Police fired tear gas against protesters as they sought an eight-lane by pass.

“Today our survival is at stake, we are fed up of meetings and negotiations,” said Ibrahima Sylla, spokesman of the Taxis de France collective.

“There is a right to protest … even during a state of emergency,” said Valls. “But violence is unacceptable.”

“Unfortunately, the governments are weak and as unemployment is pressuring them, they give in. They think they are creating jobs, whereas for every created job there is one that’s destroyed.” said Karim Asnoun, head of the CGT taxi union on Uber, in a report by The Guardian.

Last year in June, taxi drivers showed anger against UberPOP, in which everybody was befit to be a Uber driver. Taxi drivers considered it unfair. The service was called off right away from France.

In a message to its French customers, the taxi service has warned about the protest and said that  it was “to put pressure on the government to … limit competition,” reported by The Guardian.