France has arrested a man on Thursday. The man is suspected of being a part of an extremist organisation, which has plans to launch an attack in the country.

France made the arrest within a few hours of its Belgian counterparts arresting six suspects. According to French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, the plan for the alleged terror attack was in its advanced stage. The arrest managed to foil the plans, he said.

“The individual questioned, a French national, is suspected of high-level involvement in this plan. He was part of a terrorist network that planned to strike France,” Reuters quoted Cazeneuve as saying. “At this stage, there is no tangible evidence that links this plot to the attacks in Paris and Brussels.”

Soon after the arrest, French authorities carried out a raid in an apartment in Argenteuil, a northern Paris suburb.

According to Cazeneuve, police officers were accompanied by bomb disposal experts during the raid. The experts helped the officers “proceed with searching the apartment, the parking and the communal areas in optimal conditions,” AFP reported.

The suspect has been under surveillance for a number of weeks, the French minister said. He also said that constant cooperation between European services had helped carry out the arrest.

Cazeneuve was in Brussels earlier on Thursday, after there had been a number of explosions in the Belgian capital on Tuesday. One explosion at a subway station and a couple at the Brussels airport killed around 30 people and injured at least 230.

Amid speculations about a terror link in the series of explosions, ISIS claimed responsibility for it. However, CNN reported that authorities believed it was too soon to establish if the militant group had been responsible for the explosions.

Police grabbed screenshots from CCTV footage and released the photographs of the suspects.