France has been accused by several humanitarian groups for “brutally” evicting migrants from their temporary shelters in a camp in northern France.

The protest raged after French authorities began to shut a large strip of camps in the Port City of Calais. The city is a gateway for migrants who wants to reach Britain by crossing the English channel.

The New York Times reports that police arrested some migrants who refused to leave the camp. While a number of them were not allowed to carry their belongings.

“Refugees, under threats and disinformation, were given one hour to 10 minutes to leave their homes,” reports ABC News.

Nureen, a Sudanese migrant said that police told them that they would come early morning Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, we cannot fight the police,” he said. “There is nothing for us to do. We will just be left in the cold winter.” he said in a report by Pakistan Ki Awaz.

Marred by the eviction, migrants climbed up the rooftops. Some started night fire and tents and tar-covered homes were also set ablaze by migrants on Monday.

On Tuesday, migrant activists protested against the police for using tear gas, flash-balls, water cannons and other methods to stop their protest.

Migrants organisations like Auberge des Migrants (Migrants’ Shelter), GISTI and Secours Catholique, with other 14 came in support of migrants. They signed a list of charges.  French officials blamed a migrant group “No Border” for creating the chaos.

As of now, French government has decided to shift the uprooted migrants to centres nearby France. And from there, authorities will decide whether to allow them asylum or not. But many migrant are afraid that French authorities could cut their chances of reaching Britain.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve promised of no “brutal actions” over the mass evictions from the southern sector of the camp on Feb 12.

“This operation will continue in coming days, calmly and methodically, providing a place for everyone as the government has committed,” Cazeneuve said in a statement Tuesday.