Growing up as the only child of your parents has advantages of its own, you are no longer that spoilt, old brat neither are you a loner. You get simply the best of both the worlds.

Wendy Thomas Russell, according to PBS, considers it eco-friendly to have a single child. She says that it impacts the environment drastically as you replace two trash cans with one. However, a contrary study by Australian researchers at Monash University on China’s One Child policy concludes that children born after the one child policy in China were “less conscientious, more neurotic and more pessimistic” on the basis of the personality test, New York Times reports.

Here are 13 reasons why being the only child is so cool

New Outfits, No Siblings Hand Me Down Please

Being the only child gives you added advantage in your clothing section, no longer fighting with your siblings over the clothes. You almost get to wear those sparkling brand new dresses every week. Baby you are Queen/King. So just flaunt your wardrobe collection to your friends.

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No Sharing, No sacrifices

Lead a tension free life. Just grab your favorite meal at eat it till your heart’s desire. There is no need to be in an attention mode, no one is going to attack. The expensive Lego toys you purchased would stay for a year at least. No need to share.

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Cynosure of all eyes

Everyone in the home talks about you, there is no third person. No comparison over school results or the extra curricular classes you took. You do your best to be perfect.

You Are Friends With The Wind

Being the only child can make you have many imaginary friends. You talk to winds, birds, trees and even the aliens. Your real friend assume that you are talking to yourself but actually you are having a deep unearthly conversation with your “friends”. You just never get bored of talking to them.