State house buyers have already been chosen to buy the Government’s sale of state houses Tauranga and Invercargill.

The announcement of the shortlist was made by the Government following the show of interest for the initial phase of the plans to sell hundreds of state houses to  the community housing providers, and also to slash the number of properties being owned.

The State house buyers include the Pact Group as the sole provider which was shortlisted to buy the 348 state houses or tenancies in Invercargill that are being offered for sale. Meanwhile, Hapori Connect, Accessible Properties and Kaiana Community Housing Partners have made it to the shortlist to buy and take over the 1,124 state  houses or tenancies in Tauranga, NZ Herald reported.

The government has already asked the community housing providers to submit their final proposals to buy and manage the properties until May 30 for Invercargill and June for the  Tauranga,  For every region, a preferred bidder will be picked in this year’s third quarter.

Housing New Zealand Minister Bill English expressed his pleasure over the number of respondents that had shown the capacity, the understanding and interest to provide a better service.

Meanwhile, 20 protesters from the State Housing Action Network and MANA Newton Housing Group gathered outside the office of a community housing provider shortlisted in the sell-off. They call the government’s plans as depraved, as there was a serious shortage of quality and affordable houses for the low-income people.

According to Warwick Taylor, convener of the MANA Newton Housing Group, there has been a long time housing crisis in the country, aside from the rack-renting and overcrowding big issues, while the numbers of beggars and homeless were significantly growing.

Statehouse buyer IHC, according to the protesters, was conspiring with the Government to sell the state houses, and that they should let go of their bid on the Tauranga state homes, Newstalk reported.