A new species of dinosaur discovered by an amateur fossil hunter is another addition to the index of dinosaur archives. The unknown dinosaur species is Spiclypeus Shipporum, a herbivore. It weighed up to four tons and was 15-feet long, according to CNN.

Bill Shipp, a retired physicist, found the remains near Winifred, Montana in 2005. He along with an amateur palaeontologist was on a hunt for fossils when they suddenly come across a femur of a dinosaur.

It was found close to the Judith River rock formation, so the dinosaur was named Judith. It is believed to have existed 76 million years ago.

“I found it accidentally on purpose. I was actually looking for dinosaur bones, but with no expectation of actually finding any,” said Shipp.

AJC.com reports that after Shipp’s first dig, he called up a team which spent two years in exhumation and cleaning its bones.

When juxtaposed, the team came up with Judith’s half skull and parts of legs, hips and backbone. They showed some signs of infection. And it turned out that the dinosaur was just 10 years old when it died.

Well, it has not been confirmed whether Judith is a male or female.Ultimately, palaeontologists would be able to assemble the bones which discovered Judith’s skull and frills.

In 2015, Canadian Museum of Nature(CMN) bought the bones from Shipp. Now the refurbished remains will be exhibited at the museum in Ottawa from May 24.

Jordan Mallon, a palaeontologist at CMN, said that the new species closely resembles Triceratops; it having the same head horns and frills.

“It’s an exciting story because it’s a new species, and yet we have this sort of pathetic individual that suffered throughout its lifetime,” Mallon said.

“If you’re hobbling along on three limbs, you’re probably not going to be able to keep up,” he added.

A study published in an online scientific journal PLOS ONE elaborates every fact related to the new species.