Despite its launch next week, a Forza Horizon 3 early access opened today for certain players. However, it seems the game’s early access is plagued with issues.

GameSpot reports that early access players are facing download issues when trying to pre-load the game. Namely, the source details that players are experiencing download reset after their attempts. The website details that players are experiencing the reset differently.

For some, the problem occurs when download is paused. For others, the download just stalls and reverts to scratch when it’s almost complete.

In the game’s subreddit, a thread started by Reddit user xIncubuss blames the faulty download on the Microsoft store. Most of the comments on the thread shared the same problems.

However, user xHippy seem to have found a fix that allowed him/her to complete the download. According to the post, the same reset happened when he/she was at 40/49GB. After the reset, progress of the download reverted to 0/49GB. However, what was really happening was it was only loading the 9GB remaining of his/her earlier download.

Forza Horizon 3 early access issue and its potential fix

After many encountered the download glitch, some players reported that the store uploaded what seemed to be a fix. However, the same players reported that it didn’t resolve anything.

While no permanent solution exists yet to fix the problem, Reddit user darkrider400 could have found one. If you are among those facing the problem, you can try his/her recommendation as follows:

“EVERYONE, THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!! GO TO YOUR START MENU IN THE BOTTOM LEFT CORNER, SCROLL DOWN IN THE APPS UNTIL YOU FIND FORZA HORZION 3. CLICK UNINSTALL. THEN TRY RE-DOWNLOADING IT, BUT DO NOT MINIMIZE OR CLOSE THE WINDOWS STORE TAB OR ELSE YOUR DOWNLOAD WILL GLITCH!! Like literally though, I restarted my download ~12 times before I finally realized what could be happening. Uninstalling that and then retrying without closing it fixed everything for me.”

Hopefully that does the trick for people encountering the problem.

Check back with this page in case any updates on the Forza Horizon 3 early access issues come in.