Christopher William Savage, a prominent anti-vaccination campaigner and former policeman from Amamoor in Sunshine Coast, Queensland is under investigation after allegations that he was treating autism without medical training. The Bali Health Agency’s chief said that the former police officer could face up to five years of jail time if proven guilty.

News Corp Australia and Indonesian Health and Immigration authorities investigated Savage’s work last week. Apparently, Savage has been administering magnesium and DMSO or dimethyl sulfoxide to 50 Bali patients with autism and other conditions, such as calcified or blocked aorta and arteries, in the their homes since August 2015.

According to Savage, the treatment cured endometriosis, recurring migraines, throat cancer, pain and other endocrine issues. Patients needed up to 16 IV bags, priced $150 each, to cure these diseases.

Australian Skeptics Inc

Australian Skeptics Inc

A video posted in YouTube on Feb. 15 showed Savage insisting that vaccines harm children. Savage also cited that two young boys with autism were cured immediately after receiving two 500 ml IV bags of DMSO and magnesium.

“Each child had two infusions and recovered from autism. I witnessed all the initial transformations take place and their parents subsequently report their children have developed normally with speech and interactions with family members and members of the community. A further report is that they no longer suffer allergies,” says Savage.

However, Savage argued that it was a specialist, not him, who carried out the treatments and no one got hurt from the treatment. Savage and the clinic staff added that the procedure was not performed at the Gaia Clinic in Ubud.

Medical experts claimed that DMSO cannot be administered intravenously together with magnesium. IV magnesium should only be administered in a clinical setting. Dr. Rachel Heap, an intensive care doctor from northern New South Wales said that magnesium’s prolonged use slows the pulse rate, lowers the blood and could lead to heart attacks.