Former President George W. Bush has once again hit the campaign trail to support his brother Jeb Bush in the latter’s presidential run. Bush told voters in South Carolina on Monday night that his brother has great qualities to become a president.

“I’m proud of his candidacy,” the CNN quoted him as saying. “I came here for two reasons — one, because I care deeply about Jeb, and two, because I care deeply about our country.”

The former president met with veterans and appeared at a rally in South Carolina ahead of Saturday’s elections. His legacy has been under fierce criticism by the Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

Jeb, the former Florida governor, is striving to compete with Trump and Ted Cruz, who won New Hampshire and Iowa, respectively. Jeb has not been able to create substantial impact despite spending much of the campaign funding already.

The former president took a dig at the “name-callings” in the 2016 election, referring to the exchanges between his brother and Trump recently, and said jokingly that according to their father George H.W. Bush, “labels are for soup cans.”

“(The) presidency is a serious job that requires sound judgment and good ideas,” he said. Even though he did not mention Trump for once in his speech, the indication was understandable.

So far, the famous family of the Republican presidential hopeful has kept away from the campaigns. Last week, Barbara Bush, the wife of former president George H.W. Bush and mother of Jeb, spoke out in favour of her son.

In a debate, Trump hit out at George W. Bush, saying that he lied about the reasons behind the war in Iraq which led to the destabilisation of the Middle East.

“I want to tell you – they lied,” Trump said in the televised debate, as quoted by the BBC News. “They said there were weapons of mass destruction, there were none. And they knew there were none.”

Jeb defended his brother, saying that he had created a security apparatus to keep everyone safe.