The spouse of a former Australian ambassador to Spain has been cleared of child sex charges. Vytas Bronius Kapociunas, 71,  was the husband of Jane Hardy, a former Australian ambassador to Spain. Kapociunas is a painter by profession.

The accused pleaded not guilty to the charges framed in the ACT Magistrates Court in 2014. Later he was found not guilty by the ACT Supreme Court on two charges. According to an ABC News report, the jury was undecided on a third charge. The prosecutors later dropped that charge in the court which led to his acquittal.

The diplomats’ spouse was charged for sexual activity with an underage child. The girl was below 16. The alleged crime took place in Madrid, when Kapociunas was living there with his wife.

The Australian Federal Police arrested Kapociunas in September, 2014 on the offence of having sexual intercourse with a child outside Australia. The alleged crime was revealed to the AFP after the girl told her mother that she had a secret to share with her. “I need to tell you a secret,” the child said, according to court documents. “I think Vytas really likes me, because he keeps kissing me.”

Upon questioning, the daughter told her mother that “he kisses me on the lips, and here,” pointing to her private parts.  The mother then contacted the police and an investigation started.

During the trial, the court also heard a taped police interview with the girl who outlined the events that led to the alleged incidents. The girl claimed that she was molested three times. Kapociunas denied the charges of child sex. He said he was “unsure” why the girl was saying such things, reported Canberra Times.

Kapociunas is from Lithuania and had been a student at the South Australian School of Art. He spent his post-graduate years in Spain, France and Britain. Following the child sex allegation, Jane Hardy had to return to Australia in November 2014 without completing her three-year term in Spain.