The revelation that Michael was alive opened various possibilities for “Prison Break” season 5. However, would it include a likely reunion with Sara at once?

Although it’s a possibility, Christian Today reported otherwise. The publication revealed the chances of a reunion might be “saved for the finale.” The trailer of “Prison Break” season 5 hinted that she would help Lincoln save his brother but she wasn’t directly involved in the plan. As shown, she didn’t join him in Morocco. Moreover, sources earlier revealed that Sara was already married when the series reopened.

Hence, any interaction between her and Michael won’t happen yet in the first episodes. The delay could possibly add interest to their eventual encounter since it’s clear that she still has feelings for him, the publication surmised. If their reunion does take place toward the end of the season, would it be an indication that season 6 is possible? Although the show’s writers earlier had hints about how amazing ratings could make it happen, the opportunity to explore their “new relationship” might merit additional episodes.

The latest spoilers for “Prison Break” season 5 might cheer up fans pining for Michael and Sara’s immediate reunion. iDigital Times revealed the entry of three new characters to the series, namely Sid, Whip, and Mustapha as per the recent tweets of Prison Break Writers.

Actor Kunal Sharma plays Sid whom iDigital Times earlier described as artsy and wired. Actor Augustus Prew plays Whip who is funny, crazy, and pretty damn sharp, according to the publication. Little information is available about Mustapha, whom actor Bobby Naderi will play. Sources earlier revealed the participation of Faran Tahir who will have a recurring role on the series as Jamil.

Michael will also be sporting new tattoos in “Prison Break” season 5, Parent Herald reported. The publication cited information provided by the show’s writers on something interesting in the reboot’s trailer.

Movie News Guide recalled Michael’s iconic full-body tattoo that turned out to be the blueprint of the Fox River State Penitentiary. Not only did it help him escape, it also earned him a huge number of female followers, the publication noted. He underwent an MRI procedure in season 4 to have the markings removed. MNG speculated his latest tattoo in season 5 could be a cursive writing of a name; his son’s or Sara’s.

However, a recent spoiler released by Crossmap will surely shock “Prison Break” fans. It would seem that the rumored death of a major character in the revival points to Sara. The publication revealed the show’s earlier intention to kill her in season 1. However, her character was kept alive since she turned out to be a big fan favorite. But the show might be revisiting the idea of killing Sara, the publication mused.