Liberal party candidate Leni Robredo is leading the Philippines’ vice-presidential elections 2016, leaving behind rival Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos.

Marcos seemed to be winning on Monday but after several hours of counting the unofficial tally, Robredo surpassed Marcos in the PH elections 2016. Robredo grabbed 13,341,232 votes while Marcos received 13,178,696 votes according to real-time and live Rappler reports and figures.

Robredo’s supporters posted inspirational messages on social networking websites, using the hashtag #LabanLeni to boost the election campaign by the Camarines Sur representative. The winning VP’s daughters also celebrated their mother’s expected victory on Twitter. According to Rappler, Robredo’s increasing figures have indicated a very tight race for the vice-president post in 2016, with the winning margin not more than a two percent lead.

The Inquirer reported that almost 55,735,757 registered voters have cast their votes in 2016. As of this time, Robredo and Marcos are in a very close competition in the VP’s race while other candidates like expected PH president Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s partner Alan Peter Cayetano lags far behind both of them with 4,451,847 votes.

After a few hours of the closure of the polls, Marcos had an early lead, which gradually fell short of what Leni Robredo gathered. The Robredo camp posted a message on Twitter that said that the group had its own operation for a quick count which depicted they would win at the end. The team remained awake all the night tracking the results. Even the lawmakers didn’t miss the changes in the winning chart to monitor the triumph of Robredo.

As far as the presidential election is concerned, Duterte seems to be a clear winner despite his negative comments on the Aussie missionary’s rape as well as death threats to the criminals of the country. Duterte’s focus on crime, corruption and drugs turned out to be his strengths that successfully touched the strings of the Philippines population who desire to have a crime-free nation to live in.