Kat Chapman will get rough in the upcoming episode of Home and Away 2016.

Kat, played by Pia Miller, seems to remain in the police force even after she gave up her badge following an incident at Ash Ashford’s garage. She broke up with Ash, who remains committed that there is still a future for them.

Kat was recently spotted filming a scene in Palm Beach where she was seen chasing a man before she tackled him to the ground. The man is believed to be Irene Roberts’ (Lynne McGranger) stalker, who had just been in an altercation with Irene, Mail Online reported. If Kat is filming a scene with Irene’s stalker, could this mean the character has survived the plane crash? Does the man stalking Irene have a connection with Mick?

Astralia’s long-running show took a two-week break to give way to the 2016 Rio Olympics. Home and Away 2016 will return on August 22 with an answer on who survived the shocking plane crash last week.

Tori Morgan, along with his brothers Brody and Mason, and their friends Irene, Duncan, Nate, Leah, Billie and Evie boarded a plane for her 30th birthday getaway. However, the Morgan family’s nemesis, Spike, seems to have tampered with the plane. The aircraft crashed before Justin Morgan can even warn those on board of the danger they are in.

Network Seven has teased that not everyone on board would be lucky to survive the crash and the burning aircraft.

Among the Summer Bay resident on board the plane, who do you think will make it alive? Ada Nicodemou (Leah) shared a photo along with co-star Tessa de Josselin (Billie). The image showed both stars covered in cuts.  McGranger also shared a photo of herself in the pilot seat of an aircraft.

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Is one of the Morgan siblings going to die? If so, this is going to be tough for Justin.

Don’t miss Home and Away 20166 when it returns on August 22 on Network Seven in Australia.