Stranger Things Season 2 is what everyone is waiting for, and actress Millie Bobby Brown will probably share some hints on when it might be.

Brown is expected to attend the AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2016 next week. Strange Things Season 2 is among the things that she will be asked about. The young actress has received praises for her portrayal of Eleven in the highly acclaimed Netflix series. Eleven, who has telekinetic power, is helping a group of young boys in searching for their missing friend Will.

Before joining the cast of Stranger Things, Brown had appeared in several TV shows. She was seen in Intruders, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Modern Family, NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy.

Catch Stranger Things season 2 star Millie Bobby Brown at AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2016. The three-day APCC Manila will kick off on August 26 at the Manila’s SMX Convention Center.

Stranger Things Season 2 has not yet been given the green light. However, the show creators have already revealed what the next installment would be like.

Matt and Ross Duffer said they want to retain the light tone of the first season. However, Season 2 will be a little different and even darker, The Guardian wrote. “It’s not about just another monster comes and it’s a bigger, badder monster. We want it to feel a little bit different, maybe a little bit darker, but still have the sense of fun,” Matt Duffer was quoted saying.

The showrunners have somewhat confirmed that all characters will return in Season 2 except for Barb Holland. Matt Duffer said Barb died in the previous season and will remain so in Season 2.  Stranger Things stars Wynona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo and many more.

The Duffers added that they want to keep the length of Season 2 similar to that in the previous installment. Stranger Things Season 1 only had eight episodes that ran between 45 to 55 minutes. Netflix released Strange Things Season 1.

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