Marlena Meneses told the court that she made herself believe the man she wanted to marry couldn’t have taken a human life. The jury on Monday saw images of Meneses and Mark Smich partying at his sister’s wedding a week after Tim Bosma went missing on May 6, 2013.

Sitting in the witness box, the 22-year-old recounted how she had planned to marry the man who was abusive and wanted her to become a stripper to support him. She said Smich even made her sell marijuana and that she had to work or else he would have her thrown out of his mother’s home, the CBC reported.

“You were happy to go to the wedding. You enjoyed that wedding … you partied your brains out at that wedding,” asked Nadir Sachak, the attorney of co-accused Dellen Millard, Smich’s friend.

“Yes I did,” replied Meneses. The court also saw text messages that were sent from her cell phone to her sister. One of them read, “Our wedding is next.”

“You wanted a child with him, you wanted to marry him?” asked Sachak to which Meneses replied “yeah.”

Sachak also read out her statements to the police in which she was apparently telling Smich that she will be getting a pregnancy test and would let him know whether she is pregnant or not. The Star reported that Smich was arrested three days after this.

Investigators discovered charred human remains believed to be of Bosma in a livestock incinerator at Millard’s farm in Waterloo, Ontario.

Smich, 28, from Oakville, Ontario and Millard, 30, from Toronto, pleaded not guilty after being charged with the first-degree murder of Bosma. Last week, Meneses testified that Smich had told her that Bosma was shot and killed by Millard.

Throughout his cross-examination, Sachak stressed on the fact that Meneses said she did not want to find out what actually happened. “So Smich tells you, Dell took the truck, and he didn’t do anything … and you’re happy with that explanation because it distances Mr. Smich with whatever may have happened,” Sachak said. Smich’s girlfriend affirmed this.

Meneses also said that Smich told her about a gun that he wrapped up and buried in the forest. It is alleged that the gun was used to murder Bosma but the gun was never discovered.